Project Detail

Martis Camp Lot 639

ARCHITECT: Kelly & Stone Architects, Inc.



.shadow css classModeled entirely in Sketch-Up, this 5000+ square foot Martis Camp home was fully integrated into a Hi-Definition LumenRT LiveCube


A model based in Sketch-Up continues to outperform the design abilities of other programs. The three-dimensional capabilities allow potential design problem areas to be spotted quickly, while allowing seamless efficient solutions to become apparent. This model was the first of our models to be published into a Hi-Def LiveCube, which allows anyone to walk through the digital model, and also a Hi-Def movie from the LiveCube. To see the movie, click here.


This project has shown the continual improvement of our design process, while also maintaining our on-time and on-budget approach.


  • Martis Camp Lot 639

    Still of the SketchUp Model from within LumenRT.

  • Martis Camp Lot 639

    Alternate still of the Sketchup Model from within LumenRT.

  • Martis Camp Lot 639

    Construction documents cover page.

  • Martis Camp Lot 639

    Sample details page.

  • Martis Camp Lot 639

    Upper Floor & Lower Roof Framing Plan