Project Detail

Martis Camp Lot 330

ARCHITECT: Nick Sonder



.shadow css classThis project was a 3,250 square foot Martis Camp speculation home.


This project provided a means to continue to use Trimble Sketch-Up as a tool to create Structural Construction Documents. We were able to fine tune our Sketch-Up processes, and cut our design time exponentially. With the initial architectural model from Nick Sonder Architect, we created a complete structural model beneath the architectural design. Once finished, we set our sights on expanding our already considerable 3D-Detail library with the various components from this speculation home.


A complete set of construction documents created entirely with Trimble Sketch-Up, as well as an entire set of digital marketing materials before the project ever broke ground.


  • Martis Camp Lot 330

    Martis Camp Lot 330 Rendering

    Martis Camp Lot 330 Structural and Architectural Digital Rendering

  • Martis Camp Lot 330

    Structural Cover Sheet

    Sample of the Structural Cover Sheet

  • Martis Camp Lot 330

    Our Sketch-Up Working Model

    An idea of the design we work with. One click and the architectural design falls right into place.

  • Martis Camp Lot 330

    Lower and Upper Roofing Plan

    Construction document plan sheet of the upper and lower roof framing.

  • Martis Camp Lot 330

    Connection Details

    Construction document plan sheet of the Connection Details.