SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2016


Integrating Structural Engineering with Architectural SketchUp Models

In front of standing room only crowd in June of 2016, Zachary Engineering and Nick Sonder spoke about the processes utilized when it comes to integrating Nick Sonder's SketchUp Wizardy into a complete set of structural plans using both SketchUp and LayOut. "Integrating Structural Engineering with SketchUp" was one of nearly two dozen presentations that took place at 3D Basecamp in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Watch the full 1-hour presentation here. As part of the presentation, a video compilation of one of the latest coodinated projects with Nick Sonder located in Martis Camp was created.  Watch it here!


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Zachary Engineering was introduced to the latest and greated when it comes to SketchUp Extensions, innovative modeling approaches, back end program coding, as well as got to experience the new push for virtual reality. The future is coming fast, as was apparent where one company was able to take one of our models, import it into their software. Aided by VR goggles, it was then possible to walk through the structure, complete with accurate aspect ratios and perspective. It was quite an experience! 


One of the most beneficial item for both ourselves and our clients alike was the introduction to the Kubity QRVR program. This application allows us to convert our actual 3D SketchUp models to a three-dimensional experience that can be easily accessed on job sites. By adding a simple QR code to plan sets, it is possible to use any mobile device (with internet access) to pull up a three-dimensional model and walk through it from anywhere! To date, this has been used on several job sites, and has helped clients and contractor's alike. We are looking forward to expanding this experience with all of our projects moving forward.


In short, the SketchUp 3D Basecamp experience was incredible and has helped us grow. We are looking forward to 3D Basecamp 2017!

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