Schaffer’s Mill Lot 187


Thank You

This thank you note was sent to us for our design work on Schaffer's Mill Lot 187 from April 2014. Our 3D modeling was in its relative infancy, as it has only continued to improve, but the end result was an extrememly satisfied client and a gorgeous home.



We wanted to just reach out to you to say thank you for the fabulous work you did on the structural portion of our home in Schaffer’s Mill/Truckee. You and Nick helped us build a magnificent home.  We loved the fact that you both worked in the digital realm and that had many advantages as we journeyed through the project.  The good news is that our Truckee home will likely become our forever home.  
Look forward to saying thank you in person. 




The finished home:



Below our structural model combined with Nick Sonder's architectural model. 


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