We created the snow load calculator because every property in the Town of Truckee, Placer County, Washoe County and El Dorado County has a unique ground snow load. The SLC also works for Douglas County which has very basic snow loads. The SLC also works in the convergence zone, a mile wide zone that is between two distinctly different snow load charts, that occurs in the Town of Truckee and Placer County. The SLC will provide the site address (if know by Google Earth), County, Elevation, Ground Snow Load, Ground Snow Load Density (only if the information is within the county snow load chart) and Maximum Anticipated Snow Depth (only if the information is within the county snow load chart).



The SLC is extremely easy to use. If you have ever played around on Google Earth, then you already know how to use it.

Step 1. Browse to and put your name and email address into the SNO LOAD calculator.



Step 2. Zoom into your desired property and click on the exact spot that you want your snow load determined.  Note that if your property is on a slope that nearly everywhere you pick, the snow load is different.  So what you want to do is pick the highest portion of the lot where a structure is to be located.


Step 2a.  You can also enter an address and the SLC will give you the ground snow load where Google Maps thinks your house is located.  If you need a more specific location on the lot, simply click on the desired spot and it will give you information for that particular spot.


Step 2b. If you know the latitude and longitude of your parcel, you can enter it and hit calculate and the SLC will zoom to that spot and give you the ground snow load.



The Snow Load Calculator works with Google Earth to determine latitude, longitude, county, address and elevation (see Google Earth for accuracy information on latitude, longitude and elevation).  Once this information is gathered (i.e. you click on a specific spot within the limits of the SLC) the SLC determines which approved county snow load chart to use, interpolates ground snow loads based on elevation, interpolates snow density based on chart values and provides anticipated maximum snow depth based on interpolated chart values. I have also determined the latitude and longitude points of the ground snow load convergence zone in Placer County and the Town of Truckee, allowing the SLC to compare latitude and longitude values of user chosen sites. If the site information is determined to be in the convergence zone, the snow load calculator will interpolate between the Placer County West and East snow load charts based on the location of the site from the West line.  If the site is in Washoe County, the user must know if the site is within the Tahoe Basin and whether the site is East or West of Highway 395.  For El Dorado County, the user must also know if the site is in the Tahoe Basin or West of the Sierra Crest.


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  1. mabron
    mabron May 20 2013

    Fantastic Snowload Calc…Thanks!

  1. gail
    gail June 02 2013

    Thank you! Our architect called and volla I found him the info.

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